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a friend of mine recently passed away, I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately

this is a poem about death, and how I don’t want to believe in it


No one can stop you from dreaming, although dreams change perpetually. Full of half starts, and unexpected endings—cruelties and pleasures—human faces and inhuman shapes. Your dreams may change with every glance, but they will never end.

You will dream and dream and dream like the Mississippi river, for 20,000 years and longer. There is nothing cold enough to freeze them. They carve out canyons and flood miles of land. They will not be contained. The rivulets will run, the drops with gather. They scurry even over mountains.

You will dream like the earth itself—spinning in circles. There is no destruction strong enough to cancel their orbit. They are too large, and too fast. 


two poems

there is something inside you softer than the wind, and lonelier

when I kissed your nose, you smiled at me

but I know what smiles mean, I see the ghost behind your eyes

I know that old song:

“you don’t know my troubled mind”


staring at the cards in his hands

like Caliban bent over a dirty puddle

while two clean hands scoop his life away

fuck Prospero

fuck the wizards and the experts

and the con men with nimble surgeon hands

who smile and pluck good fortune from the air

while the rest of us

too clumsy and unattractive for grace

walk out into the street lightheaded

with empty pockets full of fists